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About Us

SK8 Clothing is an online skate shop located in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Some of you might be asking yourselves - Where the heck is that? Newfoundland is the most eastern province in Canada and St. John’s is one of the oldest cities in North America.

We didn’t have a lot of options for fun outside of organized sports growing up in a small place like Newfoundland. Instead of gravitating towards team sports or school-sponsored activities, we felt more comfortable learning how to skateboard with our friends. Skateboarding was always a positive outlet for us. The sport has so much to offer young people who don’t enjoy structured fun. Skateboarding gave us a starting point, goals, and taught us self-determination.

Skateboarding was not popular at that time and we had no shops in our city. The only “skateboard” we could buy was at Toys R Us and it had plastic trucks (not the best material for grinding). The internet was new at this point so if we wanted to buy skateboarding gear it was through mail order catalogs from the USA. Back then CCS and Cali4niaSkateExpress was our lifeline. They gave small places like us access to all the latest and greatest that skateboarding had to offer. We will always be grateful to these guys for that. The only issue was these shops are American. We always got hit with custom fees, rough conversion rates, expensive shipping, and long delivery times. To this day we Canadians still face these issues when ordering online from the USA.

As time went on skateboarding became more popular. A few local shops popped up and big chain stores started jumping on the bandwagon. All the local shops in our city didn’t survive the corporate takeover, except one, and it’s still a pretty awesome shop to this day. We always found that chain stores carried the generic logo stuff and only stocked the biggest brands. That’s fine for most people, but we always pushed to be different and wanted to wear something that stood out.

The coolest stuff was always online so anytime we needed something new that’s where we’d go to shop. In 2007 it was still really hard to find an online skate shop here in Canada and we were getting sick of ordering from the US. We thought we can’t be the only ones who felt this way? So we decided to open our own online shop in 2008.

Since 2008 we have been selling to thousands of happy customers all across Canada and we’re getting better at it with every passing day. Over the years a lot has changed in our industry and shopping online, but our company’s core principles will always remain the same.

Our Core Principles are simple:  

Keep Pushing.

Our message is to remind people to keep pushing no matter the situation. It’s about pushing oneself for continuous improvement, be it on a skateboard or in life. Always push the limits on what is “normal.” Push to be different and inspire change.  

Always deliver more than is expected.

They say “you can’t please everyone” but we challenge that. We don’t try to be everything to everyone but when it comes to our customers we’ll always provide that extra-mile service. We believe you should live generously and graciously toward others. Our commitment is to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience we can offer.

If we won't wear it, we won't sell it.

Here at SK8 Clothing a great deal of thought goes into everything we carry. The products we stock reflect the original styles that help build our industry into what it is today. We hand pick all our products and will only sell what we consider to be the best a brand has to offer.

We will never sell you what we don’t have.

We warehouse everything that we sell. Unlike a lot of online retailers, we don't make an item available for sale unless we physically have it in our warehouse. If you can add it to your cart then we have it in stock.

Be appreciative.

You sacrifice life’s most valuable asset for money...time. At SK8 Clothing we take this very seriously. If you’re willing to spend your hard earned money with us, we truly appreciate you. It’s our customer that allows us to continue doing what we love and we’ll always be grateful for that.

Live with integrity.

No matter how educated, talented, cool, or rich you believe you are, how you treat people in the end tells all. We always treat our customers, vendors, partners, and each other with this principle in mind.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!

SK8 Clothing Inc.

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