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28.09.2018 12:00 AM

We can all take great inspiration from people who have overcame adversity by pushing the boundaries to take control of their own destiny and by doing so created a better life for themselves. Read on to find out about people who kept showing grit and determination to create some of the top brands in our industry today.

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28.05.2015 12:00 AM

When it comes to skateboard tricks, master these 7 and you'll be well on your way to achieving greatness.

06.05.2015 12:00 AM

Do you feel like there are so many skaters trying to make it that you’ll never get noticed? Not so. Read on to learn why it’s easier than you think.

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20.03.2015 12:00 AM

Photography is a hobby that many people dream of turning into a career. If you’re serious about taking your love of sports photography to the next level, here’s what you’ll need to do.

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05.03.2015 12:00 AM


There are all kinds of great benefits to skateboarding – and any skater can tell you that. From the physical rush of completing a new trick to the mental state of calm that you experience after a good session, there’s a lot more to this sport than at first meets the eye.

So what are some specific reasons that skateboarding is good for you? Read on.

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17.02.2015 12:00 AM

Busted right through your favorite skate shoes? Before you rush out and buy a new pair, stop for a sec and read this article. We’ve got the essentials on what to look for to improve your ride and make your shoes last.

03.02.2015 12:00 AM

Jay Adams in 2011. He passed in late 2014. A skateboarding legend. Image: Louie Baur

Want to feel inspired? Read our picks for the top five action sports heroes.


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26.01.2015 12:00 AM

One of the biggest joys of skating is getting to build your own deck and customize each part to your needs. Aside from a deck and wheels, you’ll need a set of trucks, the metal axles that connect the wheels to your deck. This part is small but complex and one of the most important. Not sure where to start? Read our guide to learn how to better select trucks for your deck.

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16.01.2015 12:00 AM

Once you start skating, getting sponsored is at least an occasional daydream, but sometimes it becomes a serious goal. Sponsorship can get you free gear, access to events you want to compete in, and widespread recognition. What’s more, it’s a major step to becoming a pro. Read on to find out how to get sponsored as a skater.

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05.01.2015 12:00 AM

Tore Switch flip. Photo by J Bo

We all know that there are countless skaters out there who keep killin’ it day in and day out. But what about the ones who just don’t get the credit they deserve? We think they need a little more respect, so we made a list of our top 5 favorite underrated skaters.

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