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Top 5 Underrated Skaters
05.01.2015 12:00 AM

We all know that there are countless skaters out there who keep killin’ it day in and day out. But what about the ones who just don’t get the credit they deserve? We think they need a little more respect, so we made a list of our top 5 favorite underrated skaters.

5. Tore Bevivino

Hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia, home of LOVE Park, Tore Bevivino is still relatively unknown, but we have a feeling this guy could get big. Bevivino Is the kind of skater you never forget, with his big, bold style and "WTF?"-inducing levels of talent. If you don't believe us, check out his part in Sabotage 2: dude is stupid good and nails switch back heels with almost Olympic precision. It's that combo of fearlessness and technical skill that that could boost Bevivino into mainstream success.

4. Jason Adams

When you watch Adams skate, you might assume he's a younger guy, but think again: dude’s 41 and has been in the game for over two decades. Adams skates with the kind of speed and laid back energy as some of the fresher skaters put there, and what's more, he's kept it pretty underground the whole time. In the whole words of Mike Vallely, owner of Elephant, Adams's sponsor, Jason is the kind of skater who “makes you want to ride.” We think he hasn't gotten the credit he deserves because of his self-admitted lack of business finesse, but here's hoping this dedicated skater and talented artist hangs in there for many more years.

3. Vanessa Torres

‘Fess up: ladies don't get all the recognition they deserve in this sport, mostly because some people still think girls don't skate despite overwhelming proof to the contrary. We could probably all name a few rad girls we know, pro or otherwise, who thrash just as hard as the guys do but get way less notice for it. Case in point: Vanessa Torres, handrail queen and all-around street skating beast. Torres rides hard and does it with enough energy and confidence to make some guys sit on their board and cry with envy. And yeah, she's as imperfect as anyone else, but even when Torres wipes out, she's still cool. No seriously--Torres is cooler than you when she wipes out.

2. Chris Milic

If you haven't seen the “It's A Secret” video from Welcome, watch it right now and then prepare yourself for an hour of searching for every Mango Milic video you can find. Milic is the kind of guy who likes to get weird and wild with his style and display a distinctly off kilter sense of humor in his video parts. You know that friend you have who's really into Frank Zappa, dresses like your grandpa, and pets every dog he sees? Put him on a board and he's Chris Milic, destroying stairs and rooftops, skating straight off docks into a lake, and flying over a dumpster like he's E.T. or something. Actually, if Milic turned out to be a lovable flying being from outer space, we wouldn't be all that surprised.

1. Bucky Lasek

Yes, he's pro. Yes, he's been pro for thirty years. And yes, he's worth $2.5 mil, not like we’re counting. So why is Lasek our number one underrated skater? Exactly. Dude's been around for a generation, but it why does it seem like no one's heard of him? His popularity is the very reason that he should be more popular. We know that sounds like fried-brain logic, but hear us out. Tony Hawk might have resurrected vert back in the late eighties, but Bucky turned it into an art form of impossible-looking switches and nollies--nobody nollies like this guy, and on 90 degree vert, to boot. We'd never want street skating to go away, but we hope vert makes a bigger comeback.

If we made a list of all our favorite underrated skaters, we'd be here all day, but that's where you come in. Tell us: who's your favorite underrated pro? Amateur? Did your buddy just make a killer video that the world needs to see? Let us know about in it in the comments.

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