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eS Footwear presents... 2009 Game of Skate Finals - Toronto, Ontario
17.07.2009 12:00 AM

eS Footwear & Timebomb Trading are proud to host this years eS Game of Skate - Toronto Finals. It is an open invitation to all and we highly suggest pre-registering to secure yourself a spot in this years contest. The winner will be flown to Vancouver this August to compete in the Canadian finals. The winner of that will be flown to California for the international finals of the eS Game of Skate.

This year the Toronto game will again take place Sunday July 19th, 2009 at Poyner Park (aka Dunbat) which is on the South East corner of Dundas and Bathurst. Practice starts at 1:30PM and the game gets underway at 2PM. To pre-register or for more info please email or call (416)532-1520.

There will be tons of prizes and giveaways.

SKATE was first played in the 1970’s by vertical skateboarding legends Lance Mountain, Neil Blender and John Lucero, and was then adopted by street skaters in the 1980s.

The éS Game of SKATE tournament and these simple rules were created in 2003 by the éS Team. There are imitators, but the éS Game of SKATE is the original and best.


The Game of SKATE is based on the basketball Game of HORSE. Here's how to play:

The first skater tries a trick, makes it, and everyone else has to make it. Whoever doesn't make it gets a letter. The first letter is "S", the second letter is "K", and so on, until "S-K-A-T-E" is spelled out, and that person is out of the game. When it's the first skater's turn again, he tries another trick. If he makes it, the whole process repeats.

If the first person misses the trick he tries, the second player tries his own trick. If he makes it, everyone else has to make that trick, in order. If anyone misses, they get a letter, and so on.

"Anyone can play; it's easy, no matter how good you are." - Eric Koston

Updated Rules for 2009 éS Game of SKATE Tournament:

Once the board leaves it wheels, it must land on all four wheels, with both feet on the board. No rail landings, manual landings, caspers, 50-50s(the old freestyle trick) or cross-legged landings. No hands on board. No hands on the ground, before or after trick.

On offense (when it's your trick) the trick must be landed completely clean. No toe-drag, the skater must be moving, with both feet solid on the board. Basically, the skater must ride away cleanly.

On defense (when doing the other guy's trick) there is leeway for landings. This will be up to the skaters and the scorekeepers, but it is truly objective: either the trick was landed properly or not.

"The éS Game of SKATE is a tournament-style head-to-head contest. Skaters are randomly seeded into tournament brackets for two-man Games of SKATE. Occasionally, an odd number of skaters will require a three-man game of SKATE. The tournament is single elimination, so you keep advancing in each round until you lose one game and then you're out."
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