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01.12.2012 12:00 AM



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24.01.2013 - 12:12 AM Kristen:
Sadly at this stage in life it does.Kids think they are COOL' and wear the uniform the martekers advertise is this is Cool and where it is at . They think that they are different and breaking out but they are trying to express themselves.It is sweet that they want you to join them in what they think is the Look , but they don't understand that they are labeling themselves, with trade names and fashion trends.If you want you can go to the local op shop and buy black grunge clothing for half the price. Or you can buy some clothing dyes and re-dye your own clothing black but, don't go and buy stuff you don't like or can't afford And jewelery on guys is very yuck.Good luck stay friends styles come and go but good friends last forever.
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