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Today is Go Skateboarding Day!
21.06.2013 12:00 AM

What is Go Skateboarding Day?

Every year on June 21, skateboarders all around the globe celebrate the sport by blowing off all other obligations to go skateboarding.

The History: Go Skateboarding Day, held on June 21 every year, is the official holiday of skateboarding. The holiday began June 21, 2003 as an excuse for skateboarders to make skateboarding their top priority. Go Skateboarding Day started from humble beginnings and over the last ten years has exploded into the global phenom it is today.

Founded by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC), Go Skateboarding Day gives passionate skateboarders as well as those who are simply inspired by skateboarding, the opportunity to drop everything and get on a skateboard. 

Go Skateboarding Day originated as the day for skateboarders to go outside and have some fun, but also to raise awareness that skateboarding is not a crime. Skateboarding is a serious sport and should be treated as such. In the years since that first celebration, the holiday continues to grow, but the mission remains the same: Have fun, go skateboarding!

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