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That's Whack to School Sale
04.08.2013 12:00 AM

We know its pretty whack when stores start talkin’ about back to school in the beginning of August.  We feel your pain and would like to offer you our That's Whack to School Sale. It’s a lot like a back to school sale just better.

Spend $100.00 before tax and get $20.00 OFF your order. Use coupon code WHACK20 at the checkout.

Spend $150.00 before tax and get $30.00 OFF your order. Use coupon code WHACK30 at the checkout.

Spend $200.00 before tax and get $50.00 OFF your order. Use coupon code WHACK50 at the checkout.

Plus get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $70.00 before tax (Canada Only)

Sale ends 08/12/2013 11:59pm EST

Comments (3)

22.11.2015 - 12:48 AM Sonia:
DEAR DR. JOHNSON: I'm confused. A good freind recently came down with hepatitis and had a blood test for hepatitis antigen. The test was negative, but my doctor recommended that for preventive reasons I should receive a gamma globulin shot. But why should I have a shot if my freind's test was negative?Jennifer B.DEAR JENNIFER: I suspect my answer might confuse you even more, since the terminology surrounding hepatitis today is confusing. In the simplest terms, you need to understand there are two major types of hepatitis, hepatitis A and hepatitis B. The blood test for hepatitis antigen was for detection of hepatitis B. If it turns out negative, we tend to conclude that the patient who has clear signs of having hepatitis probably had hepatitis A. Unfortunately, we can't test yet for hepatitis A by taking a simple blood sample. But gamma globulin is thought to offer some protection against hepatitis A, even though it doesn't guard completely against the disease. For someone who shows negative for hepatitis antigen, the conclusion is that the patient probably has hepatitis A. So, gamma globulin might be helpful.
19.11.2015 - 11:41 PM Kitla:
For some reason, there cointnues to be a discussion about whether or not conservative, free-market principles are a good thing for the economy. Countless thousands of words from some of the greatest minds in the world have explained the premise over and over again, but somehow the liberals just don’t seem to get it. It’s frustrating. But my friend, Chrissy, over at Polination, has cut through the rhetoric with one of her awesome graphics that describes the reality clearly enough for even a caveman liberal to understand:This graph provides a very clear demonstration of the difference between Republican and Democrat economic policies. Republicans trust the free market. Democrats trust big government.Despite an economic bubble burst AND a major terror attack on our own soil, Bush proposed and a Republican majority Congress passed tax cuts for everyone. This action was followed immediately by an increase in jobs.Then Democrats took over the majority in Washington and the housing bubble burst. No major terror attack or worry if we will go to war or not. In fact, by 2008, when the downturn in the economy really got rolling, the war in Iraq was mostly over and, despite what the media and Democrats were blatting, we had won.
25.08.2013 - 8:08 PM Liz Whitten:
Hi Mike. My son Kent has been saving up to make an order. He has approx $350 in merchandise he wants to order. We thought the Wh Ack to school promo was still on. Is there any way he could get the $50 off for a purchase of $200 plus? Thanks very much. Liz Whitten 11 Norfolk Place
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