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The Heritic Limited Edition Brandon Westgate Colorway Available Now!
04.09.2013 12:00 AM


The Heritic Limited Edition Brandon Westgate Colorway, Black Green Gold

The Heritic is an Emerica classic updated to meet the demands of modern skating.


• Foam footbed cushions bottom of feet for softer landings.

• New lightweight, flexible cupsole features full-length high-impact G6 high-rebound foam midsole and gum rubber outsole to protect feet from heavy landings and improve stability.
• Triangle Tread pattern and solid heel tread panel provide maximum grip, better board feel and reduce wear for more confident skating.

• Seamless toe cap and Ollie area provide durability and better flick.

• Metal top eyelets.
• Combo and Westgate logos on tongue and footbed.
• Metal Triangle logo on side.

Premium Smooth Suede

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