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5 Trends in Action Sports Apparel to Watch
21.10.2014 12:00 AM

The past year has seen a nineties style revival in most fashion circles and streetwear & skateboard apparel are not immune, but the nineties influence isn't so much about the "grunge" look as it is about a reexamination and renewed emphasis on the staples of action sports apparel, namely boardshorts and graphic tees.

Here Are Some Current Trends to Watch in Action Sports Apparel:

1. All Eyes On the Shorts

Boardshorts are getting a lot of attention with several brands putting a heavy emphasis on design and make with an attention to detail. Brands like LRG and DGK are going bold and making a statement with their boardshorts evident in LRG's Alohigh design and DGK's Haters Collage Boardshorts.

Other brands like DC Shoes and etnies have maintained a more classic look with cleaner designs like etnies Classic Chino Shorts, DC Shoes Lanai Essentials 4 line, which we carry in a variety of colors, and RDS OG Bud Boardshorts.

Of course the cargo shorts are here to stay with an emphasis on sturdiness and comfort from brands like RDS, DGK,and LRG.

2. More Than Just a Logo

More so than boardshorts, the graphic tee has been a pillar of the action sports apparel industry since its inception in the sixties. Graphic tees are getting a lot of attention now with a heavy emphasis on killer designs.

It's not about just slapping the logo on a t-shirt anymore. As DC Shoes exhibits in designs like their Lone Rider Tee, and 36 Chambers design, and Diamond's Supply Life NY tee, you have to keep it fresh and take it to the next level.

Brands like DGK and LRG continue to place an emphasis on graphic design while promoting slogans like DGK's Stay Smoking tee and LRG's tight The Highest of Times crew.

3. More Fly than High

Sometimes you gotta dress it up a bit and several brands have stepped up to keep you from making mistakes at The Gap by offering a selection of polo’s and long sleeve button ups that are consistent with Street apparel designs but keep you looking sharp.

Case in point, LRG's Franchiser Long Sleeve, and Breathe Life Long Sleeve Wovens, etnies The Dude Long Sleeve Woven and The QL Crystal Oxford Woven.

4. Bundle Up in Style

More and more brands are turning out quality jackets with a focus on durability and style with great results. Check out DGK Judgement, Independent's Frontline, and RDS's Apex for great examples.

LRG more than any other brand is pushing the envelope on the jacket front.

5. Time to Get Ill

You would think that the rise in smart phones would have hurt the sales of the potable timepiece, but the decline of the wristwatch has been greatly exaggerated.

Almost every action sports apparel brand has a line of wrist watches.

G-Shock has a lot of line of good looking timepieces that can take a licking and keep on ticking like the GA200SH-2A, GA200SH-1A, and GA110HC-1A, to name only a few.

Other brands turning out quality timepieces are RDS, which has a selection that ranges from flashy to practical but always stylish, and LRG which has an equally impressive assortment, including gems like the affordable Latitude series and the classic Yatch watch.

There you have it, five trends to keep your eye on. Trends are always changing and never static so who knows what is on the horizon. What are your favorite trends in action sports apparel, past or current? What direction would you like to see in the future from your favorite brands? Let us know in the comments below!

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