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How to get Sponsored as a Skater
16.01.2015 12:00 AM

Once you start skating, getting sponsored is at least an occasional daydream, but sometimes it becomes a serious goal. Sponsorship can get you free gear, access to events you want to compete in, and widespread recognition. What’s more, it’s a major step to becoming a pro. Read on to find out how to get sponsored as a skater.

Start Skating And Then Some

Obviously, you gotta skate to get sponsored, and we assume you already do. But a few chilled-out days in the park when you feel like it won’t cut it if you want to become a sponsored skater. Skate every day that you can, and set goals for improvement, like learning two tricks a month. Sponsors want to see that you’re passionate, hard-working, and serious about your sport. And if you want to make skating a big part of your life, you want to make sure first that you enjoy it and have the work ethic.

The best skater on the planet won’t get sponsored if they never get involved in the skating community. Okay, nothing’s impossible, but it’s way more likely that you’ll get sponsored by making connections with other skaters than by being discovered by somebody while you’re hanging out on a Sunday. Sign up for skating events and contests and ask the local skate shop if they need some help. The more people you meet, the better idea you’ll have of what kind of brands you want to sponsor you and who to talk with to get them.

Do Your Homework

Trying to get sponsored will be easier if you know who you want to sponsor you and why. Maybe you love the brand that makes your favorite board. If that’s the case, do some more research about what they represent and what skaters they’ve sponsored in the past to get an idea of what you’re looking for and whether you’ll be a good match. And don’t limit yourself to companies that make skate gear: virtually any brand could be a possible sponsor, and that includes your local skate shop, record store, or other business. Choose a few brands that really speak to you, and then start getting in touch.

Get Yourself Noticed

So you’re going to events, you’ve made some friends, you’ve figured out some possible sponsors. What next? Promote yourself, dude. No, you’re not selling out, trust us. But the sponsorship game is competitive, so you need a few basics in place to make yourself searchable and memorable. If you don’t already, make a website in your name that gives sponsors an idea of who you are. Include your Tumblr, Twitter, artwork, or blog—whatever you’re proud of and shows off your personality.

Most important, make a “sponsor-me” video to send to brands. This is a video that primarily shows off your skills but also your style. Include footage of the tricks that make your skate style what it is. Skate your favorite places and show who you roll with.  And get creative with the music, editing, and graphics so that brands can get to know your aesthetic. Don’t be shy about asking your crew for help or asking your film-major friend for their editing skills in exchange for some pizza. Want to really impress potential sponsors? Then check out our tips on how to better film your sessions.

Don’t Give Up

We’re not trying to be a bummer, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get sponsored, especially on the first go. Don’t take that as a bad sign, though. A bad attitude will derail you more than anything else, so keep a PMA and keep trying. Most important, don’t let it stop being fun. Working on your skills and making videos on your way to sponsorship shouldn’t be a chore, but a way of making skating a bigger and better part of your life.

Tell Us More

Now that’s we’ve told you what to do, we want to know what you’re doing. Do you have any tips to share on getting sponsored? Did you already make a sick sponsor-me video that has to be shared with the world? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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