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6 Benefits of Skateboarding
05.03.2015 12:00 AM

There are all kinds of great benefits to skateboarding – and any skater can tell you that. From the physical rush of completing a new trick to the mental state of calm that you experience after a good session, there’s a lot more to this sport than at first meets the eye.

So what are some specific reasons that skateboarding is good for you? Read on.

6. “Skateboarding teaches you how to fall properly (Bam Margera.)”

Falling down! It happens, whether you’re a skater or not. Seriously. But just like trained ninjas that know how to take a hit without pain, long-time skateboarders are also geniuses at falling down the right way. Bam Margera says, “If you try to kickflip down some stairs, it might take you thirty tries - and you just learn how to take a tumble out of it without getting hurt.”

5. “Skateboarding helps a ton with balance, precision, with air awareness... it gets your senses to be spot-on (Shaun White.)”

There’s no way you or anyone else could turn a tiny, wheeled plank into a form of transportation without sharpening a few senses along the way. Balance is one of the first skills you’ll develop on a skateboard, since your muscles and core need to react to the pull of gravity from a million different angles. Precision and better understanding of your physical environment come soon afterwards.

4. Skateboarding gives hope to “outsiders.”

“I've seen kids turn their lives around. It's usually a kid who's outside of the team-sport world, or maybe has a darker personality or doesn't fit in. Skateboarding ends up being something they latch onto (Jeff Ament.)”

Skateboarders that considered themselves an “outsider” at school are almost a cliché, they are so common. Instead of gravitating towards team sports or school-sponsored activities, many skaters felt more comfortable learning how to skateboard with their friends. The sport has so much to offer a lost soul, since it gives them a starting point, a goal and self-determination.

3. It’s a fun way to spend time outside.

Spending time in the great outdoors can always be soul-cleansing and joyous; it’s even better when that time is spent with a skateboard!

At its heart, skateboarding is a sport that lets you enjoy “…the freedom of being outside, carving down a hill or just cruising alongside the Pacific, feeling the breeze and the motion of the board (Jon Osborne.)”

2. The physical exercise lowers your risk of heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Most people don’t like going to the gym or getting out of bed at dawn for a sunrise jog. Let’s face it, those things just aren’t fun. Skating, on the other hand, is like getting exercise on the sly without even noticing.

“With healthy lifestyle, we can avoid 60-70% of known illnesses (Samir Becic.)”

1. Learning to skate teaches patience.

Perhaps most importantly, the sport helps us grapple with the idea of patience. With all the falling down, scraping your knees, screwing up and trying again, you’d better believe that skateboarding teaches this skill!

Benjamin Franklin said: “He that can have patience can have what he will.”

And sure, maybe he wasn’t a skateboarder…but he sure would have been had he had the chance. A patient and awesome one!

Whatever your reasons for getting on the board, never doubt how much you’re getting out of it in the end.

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