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7 Ways to Get Noticed as a Skateboarder
06.05.2015 12:00 AM


Do you feel like there are so many skaters trying to make it that you’ll never get noticed? Not so. Read on to learn why it’s easier than you think.

1. Make Connections

Your probably won’t get noticed if you’re hanging out in your room all day, so go out and meet some people. Say hey to people at the skate park and hang out at the local skate shop. Find common ground with some other skaters in your town or city. Not only will you make new friends, but your whole world will get bigger, introducing you to new spots and skaters. And that world will definitely notice that you’re in it. Also, don’t feel weird about getting in touch with your favorite skaters on social media. You never know who you’ll make a connection with.

2. Enter Contests

If you attend contests regularly, you’ll be sure to get noticed as a skater. Ask around local parks, shops, and malls to see if they’re hosting any contests. If you live in a small town with no contests to speak of, they’re definitely worth traveling out of town for. Contests are a prime place to start on your path to getting sponsored, and they’re also meeting hubs for the kind of people you want to meet. Even if you don’t win, that’s not the point. Contests should get you motivated to practice and make you a visible figure in the skate scene.

3. Use Social Media

The world’s come along way since a subscription to Thrasher was sufficient to know all you need to know about skateboarding—nowadays, you have to keep up with multiple websites and social media stars to know what’s up. But now you don’t have to wait around for a zine to profile you to get noticed. You can post your own stuff on social media and, if you go about it the right away, you’ll start trending. Use Twitter for sharing information about events and new videos and articles, plus whatever goofy jokes you want to make. Instagram is good for posting video stills and dumb photos from late-night hangs. YouTube is the obvious choice for videos, and Tumblr can be a great site if you like to mix up art and weird ‘Net dregs with your video updates. Come up with your own signature hashtag so people can find you easily.

4. Make Videos

Speaking on technology, smartphones and social media make it easier than ever to film a skate video and share it. If you show off your sickest skills and have an interesting enough video, you’ll attract an audience of people who want to share your video with others, and you’ll have something to include in a sponsor-me video. And even if the likes and reblogs don’t pour in right away, you’ll get noticed IRL when you’re in the process of filming. To get started, check out our blog post on how to make a skate video.

5. Develop Your Own Style

Hate to break it to you, but if you want to get noticed as a skater, that means you’ll have to be worth noticing. Don’t sit on your board and freak out just yet, though. Yes, it takes technical skill to get noticed, and you should be putting in some serious hours at the park if you want to get noticed for your skate ability. But even if you know there’s room for improvement, don’t sacrifice developing your original style. Go with the flow of how you skate, even if it’s a little weird: that’s why we love sponsored skaters like Tor Bevivino and Mango Milic.

6. Host Shows and Events

People might notice you if you’re a good skater, but they’ll definitely notice you if you care about the skate community. Skating comes under fire all the from people who don’t get it and want to shut it down, but it’s also a great conduit for positive actions, so you definitely have a cause to embrace nearby. Host a benefit show for your local skate shop that’s fallen on hard times, set up a contest and donate the proceeds to a charity, or start your own non-profit like Oliver Percovich, founder of Skateistan.

7. Be Different

Skateboarding is for losers, weirdoes, misfits, and mavericks. It’s for artists and punk kids. Skating was made by the underdog for the underdog. Never be afraid to be different and do your own thing, because if you stand out, that’s what people notice above anything else.

Getting noticed is easier than you might think—it just takes some dedication. Now we want to hear from you: what are you doing to meet friends and make things happen in your local skate community? Let us know in the comments.

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