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Crooks & Castles was launched in 2002 by visionaries Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio. The company is the lifestyle brand the two founders created using inspiration from the world they know best. Crooks & Castles has become something people can relate to and represent proudly. At Sk8 Clothing, we’re proud to carry a variety of Crooks & Castles gear including hoodies, shirts, tees, pants, hats and more.

Jump right in and check out the gear Crooks & Castles has to offer or keep reading for a little more background on this one-of-a-kind company.

Calvero and Panlilio have said the brand name stands for hustling to achieve great things. The two are quoted in an interview with Complex as saying, “Behind every castle is a crook.”

The meaning behind that phrase is that rules need to be bended and broken to achieve great things. You can’t follow the path someone has laid out already. The only way to create something fresh, something special is to forge your own path.

When you do that, though, you’re going to be judged by some. Not everyone likes those that take new directions and push boundaries. But ultimately it’s that drive and passion that changes the world for the better. That’s the passion that drives Crooks & Castles.

Calvero and Panlilio grew up in Los Angeles during the 1980s and 1990s. For those that know, Los Angeles was a turbulent landscape in that era. There were gangs, drugs, police brutality and more and it all culminated in the LA Riots of 1992.

From that difficult situation, many were able to rise and create empires of their own including Calvero and Panlilio. The two friends found that they had a shared drive for success. They didn’t want to forget their backgrounds and the world around them. They wanted to embrace the world around them and create a brand that represented their lifestyle and the life of others in similar situations throughout the world.

The inspiration for the gear was life on the streets in Los Angeles, but also the drive and fire of the world’s most successful modern day entrepreneurs. They were willing to do whatever it would take to achieve success.

That inspiration led to the creation of a style that offers a brash look to casual staples like hoodies, hats and much more. With Crooks & Castles, you’ll find options for standing out with unique patterns, fresh illustrations and statement-proclaiming messages. If you possess a drive to create an empire, but still respect your roots then Crooks & Castles is a brand you should connect with.

Crooks & Castles also has gear for those that want to turn down the eye-catching style once in awhile. They have fresh styles that offer simple, but bold black and white. There are hats and tees with various Crooks & Castles logos and namesakes.

Crooks & Castles is a brand for all. There are styles for men and women. The brand was created by two men from Los Angeles, but they realized early on that they were creating a brand for people that hailed from all over the world. There are millions that come from turbulent upbringings, but that possess the desire for a great life, a life that some might see as villainous, but that is required to achieve great things.

Crooks & Castles are constantly updating their gear. They’re always coming out with fresh new styles and illustrations, but they also keep the classics in stock. They know they have a devoted following that appreciates the old, but also craves the new.

The team behind Crooks & Castles has also always appreciated quality. They use only the best materials for their gear. They have had a unique long-term outlook for their brand. They’ve been around for a long time already and have sustained steady growth throughout that time. The gear is high quality because when you’re building an empire for those that appreciate quality, you need to use quality in what you sell.

It’s a family at Crooks & Castles. The two founders were there from the beginning, but they’ve had a team of close friends and family there as well and it’s still that way today. And they look at their customers as family too. Everybody shares the same background and the same drive for the future.

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