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Plan B Skateboards is co-owned by professional skateboarders Danny Way and Colin McKay. In 1991, Mike Ternasky founded the original Plan B skateboarding team after leaving the H-Street company he managed.

After forming a “Super Team” of established pro skateboarders, the Plan B company came to a halt in 1994 at Mike’s untimely death in a car accident. It wasn’t until 2005 that Danny and Colin discussed “Bringing back the dream,” and received financial backing from Syndrome Distribution to relaunch the company.

Danny and Colin followed Mike’s original business plan, and recruited a team of skateboarders that included Ryan Sheckler, Brian Wenning, and Felipe Gustavo, among many others.

As Danny put it, the Plan B mission is always to stay true to its skateboarding roots, with a main goal of making the best possible products and to inspire others to ride a skateboard.

In 2010, Billabong announced a 10-year licensing agreement with Plan B, naming it an “Authentic, progressive brand.” That same year, Plan B also partnered with the Paul Schmitt Stix Factory.

An integral part of Plan B is its video series, which follows the skateboarders as they go to competitions. While those videos have been a buzz in the skating community for years, Plan B recently dropped the video series, “The History of Plan B Skateboarding,” which is an in-depth look at the company’s beginnings.

Today, Plan B manufactures and sells branded t-shirts, jeans, fleece hoodies, zip-up hoodies, jackets, hats, socks, and sweatbands. They also sell, and are known for, their skateboards which feature unique graphics such as “Lady Luck,” “Vantastic,” and various mascots among others. There are also dozens of graphic wheel sets, or completed boards with wheels, which are available for purchase.

The Plan B skating team currently consists of professionals including PJ Ladd, Colin McKay, Pat Duffy, Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, and Felipe Gustavo, and amateurs Luke LeQuatte, David Carlson, Scott Decenzo, and Trevor Mcclung.

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