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Professional street skateboarder Torey Jamieson Pudwill, or “T-Puds,” is the creator of Grizzly Griptape, which started in 2002, when Torey was just 12-years old.

“It was all for the fun of it,” Torey said in a video about the company’s creation, featured on the Grizzly website.

He started making the wax, and had the stamp made featuring the Grizzly logo: a standing teddy bear, which his dad drew. The actual metal punch was made by a friend’s father who worked in a factory.

In the beginning, Torey and his friends would hand-stamp each grip, package, and sell it out of his garage. From November 2011 until January 2016, Diamond Supply Co. actually distributed Grizzly, taking it from a griptape label (a project Pudwill says “was never, ever meant to be brought up as a brand”) to a complete line of soft goods. Diamond’s support made things official, but with the licensing agreement over, Pudwill and his partner, Sean Apgar, quietly took Grizzly independent.

“We wanted to do the things that represented Grizzly,” Pudwill says. “Being a part of Diamond, that was awesome. Just being able to start there, and being able to grow and come up. That was our plan, but we didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.”

In 2011, Torey was named Street Skater of the Year. In March of 2013, Grizzly expanded to selling apparel and accessories, in addition to their signature tape.

All of the grips feature “Grizzly” or the signature bear logo, and there is even a Torey Pudwill Signature grip. There are logo t-shirts, pullover hoodies, snapbacks, camp hats, bucket hats, and beanies.

The Grizzly team includes skateboarding professionals such as Torey Pudwill, Paul Rodriguez, Manny Santiago, Ryan Sheckler, Shane O’Neill, Joey Brezinski, PLG, Chaz Ortiz, Jeron Wilson, Chris Roberts, Stevie Williams, Brandon Biebel, Rob Dyrdek, Sean Malto, Guy Mariano, Andrew Brophy, Darrell Stanton, Ron Deily, Tony Manfre. The team also includes amateur and international skateboarders.

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