eS One Nine 7 Go Skateboarding Day Exclusive

The iconic skate shoe from the 90's is back in limited edition. This time it's a special edition for Go Skateboarding Day 2023. If you're into sneakers and skateboarding, this is a must have!

Inspired from the rich éS lineage, the ONE NINE 7 that ignites all emotions of the late 1990’s, specifically 1/97 is back in a limited red and grey colorway to pay homage to Go-Skateboarding-Day. Dripping with luxurious, high quality materials such as Premium Nubuck Leather, Suede, and Mesh upper. The sole is a double cup with an updated Energy Foam Midsole. Supreme Comfort, Function and Style to look good and feel good on and off the board. This shoe revolutionized skate shoes, just as the new One Nine 7 will.

Get the limited edition eS One Nine 7s this Summer.

eS footwear has a long history of making iconic skate shoes. The eS One Nine 7 was one of the most popular shoes in the '90s. If you're a sneaker head who loves skateboarding then don’t sleep on these.

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 The shoes are available now! Get yours here - eS One Nine 7 Shoe, Grey White Red