What Size Skateboard Deck Should You Skate?

Choosing a skateboard deck is a little more involved than picking out the sickest graphic. Skateboard decks, wheels and trucks are all designed for specific usages, whether it be just cruising the streets or busting tricks at the skatepark.

1. Find the Right Fit

Skateboard decks vary in length and width for a couple of reasons, the first one being to make sure it fits the rider.

Here's a quick size guide:

If you're just starting out, we always recommend buying a complete. Why? Because they're more affordable, parts were designed to fit the board (removing guess work), PLUS they're prebuilt and ready to roll, so no assembly required!

Don’t worry, the top brands in skateboarding make high quality completes so you can be confident in your choice.

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2. What You Gonna Do with It

The second reason decks vary in size is to tailor to their intended usage. When skating a full size board 7.5 or wider it really comes down to preference. Wider boards (over 8.25") are better for cruising, ramps, or riding at the skatepark and decks 8.25'' or lower are better for street skating and more technical tricks.

The nose of a deck is wider than the tail but you can take the guess work out of which side you are skating with a twin nose and tail board. What does that mean? It means the board is fully symmetrical, just like the graphic. You can ride it either way. You'll never worry about which way your board goes again!

Some decks you come across are a little more concave than others, meaning they have a bit of a curve from the center out to sides and the nose and tail. Generally flatter boards are better for more technical tricks, but concave boards tend to be more stable and therefore easier to ride.

The desired degree of concave is best learned through trial and error. It depends greatly on the style and size of the rider. So it may be best not to start at an extreme but settle somewhere in the middle and take it from there while also considering what style of skating you will be doing with the deck.

The wheel base doesn't vary to much from brand to brand, but if you are a taller skater you will want to search for a deck with a wider wheel base to match your center of gravity.

3. Looks Can Matter

Although the graphics have nothing to do with the ride it definitely deserves heavy consideration, whether you prefer something more understated or colorful and stylized skateboard deck graphics tend to accommodate all tastes.

Something to keep in mind - if you have a favourite pro who rides for a specific brand then the best way to support them is by seeking out one of their decks because that's how these dudes stay paid!

There you go, hopefully this will help you next time you are picking out a deck, especially if it is your first time. While you are at it you can check out our selection of decks here.